SRS Executive

SRS Executive is our specialist division focusing on Senior Management, Executive and Non-Executive recruitment in the Construction Products Sector with a track record of success in the United Kingdom, Europe and the UAE regions.

Business founder Mark Hall has taken a hands-on thorough, professional and consultative approach with all Senior Management, Executive and Non-Executive recruitment personally throughout the company’s 35+ year focus on the Construction Products Sector and works in conjunction with our Highly Experienced Consultants resulting in us being able to utilise over 120 years of cumulative experience.

At SRS Recruitment Solutions, our Executive Search process is meticulously crafted to unearth and secure the finest executive talent for your organisation. We understand the critical role that leadership plays in the success of your business, and our proven steps ensure that we identify candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Our Executive Search Process


  1. Needs Assessment

Before embarking on the search, we collaborate closely with you to gain a profound understanding of your organisation’s culture, values, and strategic objectives. Through detailed discussions, we identify the unique leadership qualities required for the position and align our search strategy accordingly.


  1. Research and Identification

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your needs, our Experienced Consultants leverage their industry experience and extensive networks to identify potential Candidates. We conduct thorough research, mapping out the competitive landscape to ensure we approach the most qualified and suitable individuals.


  1. Candidate Engagement

Our team initiates discreet and personalised outreach to potential Candidates. We communicate your organisation’s value proposition and the unique opportunity the role presents, fostering genuine interest and engagement. This ensures a high level of commitment from Candidates throughout the process.


  1. Assessment and Evaluation

Each Candidate undergoes a rigorous assessment process, including in-depth interviews, psychometric evaluations, and thorough suitability checks. We evaluate not only their professional competencies but also their cultural fit within your organisation, ensuring a holistic approach to Candidate suitability.


  1. Presentation of Shortlist

We present a carefully curated shortlist of highly qualified Candidates, accompanied by comprehensive profiles that highlight their strengths, experiences, and potential contributions to your organisation. This step is a collaborative effort, allowing you to provide feedback and further refine the selection.


  1. Interview Coordination

We facilitate and coordinate the interview process, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and the Candidates. Our team provides guidance on interview techniques if required, helping you make well-informed decisions at each stage of the process.


  1. Negotiation and Offer Management

Once you have identified the ideal Candidate, we assist in negotiating terms and conditions, facilitating a smooth transition from selection to onboarding. Our support extends to offer management, ensuring a positive and mutually beneficial conclusion.


  1. Follow-up and Onboarding Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the placement. We maintain close contact with both the Client and the Candidate to ensure a successful integration. We provide ongoing support during the critical onboarding phase, fostering a strong foundation for the new Executive’s success.

Elevate Your Leadership Team with SRS Recruitment Solutions

Ready to secure visionary leadership for your organisation? Partner with SRS Recruitment Solutions for an Executive Search process that goes beyond expectations. Our dedication to excellence ensures you get the right leaders who will drive your organisation to new heights.

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‘Having used SRS to find a Country Managing Director for France, we were impressed that they we are to offer a selection of Candidates who met our criteria, which other Recruiters in France were unable to’


‘We thought finding a Sales & Marketing Director with experience in Trade and DIY for the German and surrounding countries would be difficult however Mark and the team at SRS Recruitment proved us wrong and found us an outstanding Candidate’


‘Mark and his team we able to offer us a great selection of Candidates who all met the brief for our Managing Director vacancy in the UK, we cannot recommend SRS highly enough’

FI – Germany

‘SRS Recruitment worked with us to find us a MD for our expansion into the UK, we had some very specific requirements and did not believe the person existed, however Mark and his team found us the perfect Candidate to our amazement which has allowed our business in the UK and Europe to grow’


‘We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of Candidates along with the detailed information submitted by SRS in our search for a Sales Director in the United Kingdom which has ensured we have found the person to drive our business forwards, once again thanks to Mark and his team’

LU - Eire