Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery Act Compliance Statement

At SRS Recruitment Solutions, we are unwavering in our commitment to ethical business practices and the eradication of modern slavery. We proudly confirm our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 in the United Kingdom and are dedicated to ensuring that our operations and supply chains remain free from any form of exploitation.

Our Commitment:

Zero Tolerance: We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our business. This commitment extends to our employees, suppliers, and partners.

Supply Chain Transparency: We recognize the importance of supply chain transparency in the fight against modern slavery. We actively engage with our suppliers to ensure that they share our commitment to ethical practices, fair labour, and human rights.

Due Diligence: We conduct thorough due diligence on our supply chains, assessing the risk of modern slavery and taking steps to mitigate any identified risks. This includes ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure continuous compliance.

Employee Training: Our employees are educated on the signs of modern slavery and human trafficking to enhance awareness and promote a culture of vigilance. We believe that informed individuals play a crucial role in preventing and reporting any suspicious activities.

Policies and Procedures: We have robust policies and procedures in place that explicitly prohibit modern slavery. These documents guide our employees, suppliers, and partners in adhering to ethical standards and legal requirements.

Reporting Mechanisms: We maintain clear and accessible reporting mechanisms for our employees and stakeholders to raise concerns related to modern slavery. We are committed to investigating any reported incidents promptly and taking appropriate corrective actions.

Continuous Improvement:

Our commitment to combating modern slavery is an ongoing journey. We actively seek opportunities for improvement, regularly reviewing and enhancing our practices to stay ahead of emerging challenges and global best practices.

By adhering to the Modern Slavery Act and upholding our ethical standards, we aim to contribute to a world where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Together, we can create a supply chain that reflects our values and promotes a fair and just society.

For any inquiries related to our Modern Slavery Act compliance, please contact [Your Contact Information].

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